General FAQs

Q: What sets your law firm apart from the big commercialized law firms?
A: When you hire a law firm to represent you in your claim, in addition to aggressive legal representation, you should also expect personal service. Your attorney should be accessible to answer questions and to discuss the various stages of your case. At our law firm, personal service is not just a goal, but a requirement. When you have been injured in an accident, you have questions that need to be answered and concerns that need to be addressed. Do you want those concerns to be answered by an investigator, paralegal or case worker? Or do you want your questions and concerns to be addressed by an attorney? Of course you want to speak with an attorney. An attorney can answer your legal questions, explain the process of how a case works, help evaluate your case and to give you advice on what to do after the conference. Many firms, when you call them for the first time, will set up your initial meeting with an investigator. If you call us, all your questions and concerns will be addressed by an attorney. In the big commercialized firm, you can get lost in the administrative jungle, have your case assigned to a case worker or paralegal and rarely, if ever, speak with, let alone meet, an attorney. That is not the type of attorney client relationship we believe in here. Each and every step of your case will be with an attorney at your side.

Q: Do you charge for a consultation?
A: There is never any charge to discuss your case with one of our attorneys. Your first meeting with the attorney will always be free of any charges whether or not you retain us to be your attorneys.
Q: Do I have a case?
A: Each case has an identity of its own with different facts and circumstances. The best way for us to determine if you have a case is for us discuss your case with you as soon as possible. So, please call us or fill out our Web form for your free evaluation and consultation.
Q: What kind of settlement will I get?
A: While it might be smart marketing to tell you how much your claim might be worth, in reality, each case is different and the value of your claim will depend on the facts and circumstances surrounding your claim. You should be compensated for your medical bills and lost wages. You also might be entitled to recover something for the pain and suffering the accident has caused you. If your injuries are serious enough, they may affect you for the rest of your life, and so you should be able to recover for your future medical bills and inability to earn money in the future. Allow our Orlando personal injury attorneys to help you evaluate your personal injury case free of charge.
Q: What happens during a personal injury lawsuit?
A: This question seems simple but in truth can require a very complex answer. Generally two stages to a personal injury case: they are what lawyers call the pre-suit stage and the litigation stage.
1) The pre-suit stage is everything from the day of the accident itself up until the time an actual lawsuit is filed in the courthouse. During the pre-suit stage of a case, you will be treating for your injuries and we will be gathering the documentation and evidence needed to support your case.
2) The litigation stage is everything that happens after a lawsuit is filed up until the case is settled either before or after a jury trial. During this stage the insurance company will hire an attorney to represent the person who caused the accident. A process known as discovery will take place. Discovery is just as it sounds. Each side will try to discover as much about the other side as possible through the use of requests for documents and information and by taking depositions of the parties, witnesses and medical providers. Near the end of the litigation stage there may be a mediation, or formal settlement conference and of course there may be a trial. 
Q: Will you try to settle my claim before we sue anyone?
A: Generally, yes, but we will not try to settle you claim until you have reached what is known as Maximum Medical Improvement, or what is commonly known in the industry as MMI. MMI is the stage in your treatment where the doctors are confident they have a good handle on the nature and extent of your injuries. More than likely you have completed most of the recommended treatment for your injuries.
When you reach MMI, we will put together what is called a Demand Package and mail it to the insurance company. A demand is the term used to describe the beginning of settlement negotiations in your case. The package generally contains a letter outlining the case and includes all the records we deem pertinent to the case, such as the medical records, bills, photographs, etc.
We wait for you reach MMI before sending the demand. If a demand package is sent and the case settled before you reach MMI, the settlement may not include some important treatment that you may eventually need, such as surgery. For example, if you case settles and then after the settlement your doctor recommends surgery (which you end of having), the settlement cannot be reopened to include the surgery.
Upon receiving the demand package, the insurance company will usually be given a period of 20 to 30 days to review it and to respond with an offer to settle. The insurance company will respond to the demand with an offer and then negotiations begin to try to settle the case.
Our goal is to try to settle your case for a fair and reasonable amount without the need for the filing of a lawsuit. A lawsuit can take a long time, be very stressful and is a very invasive process. If it goes to a jury, the case is put in the hands of six people who really do not what to be there. However, if the insurance company fails to make what we and you agree is a fair and reasonable settlement offer, then a lawsuit can be filed.
Q: Do I have any say in whether my case settles or if a lawsuit is filed?
A: The answer to this is a resounding yes! Some firms will send a demand package to the insurance company and after getting a response, call the client and say I have settled your case.
We will never have this happen. In the pre-suit stage, you will be advised of each and every offer that the insurance company makes during the negotiations. Each response to the insurance company will be discussed with you at which time a recommendation will be made to you. This also applies to any settlement negotiations that take place while a case is in suit. Your case will never be settled at any time without your prior approval.
Q: Do I need to hire a personal injury lawyer in my city or town?
A: No, it is not necessary to hire a personal injury attorney in your home city or town. If you are visiting Orlando and are injured in an accident here or at one of the theme parks, an Orlando personal injury attorney may best for your case.
We handle personal injury, negligence, accident and wrongful death claims across the state of Florida. So even if you are not from Florida but have been injured in while in our state, we would be honored to discuss your case with you. Please call our toll free number or fill out the Web Form for a free consultation with no obligation.
Q: How soon after my accident should I hire an attorney or file a lawsuit?
A: Once again, this question will depend on the specific facts of a case. We recommend that you contact our personal injury attorneys us as soon after an accident as possible. Of course, your health is always going to be your most important concern and you must take care of your injuries. But understand that an insurance company will not be waiting to begin its investigation. They will leap into action as soon as they learn of the accident. So once you are able to contact an attorney, we suggest you do so to protect your rights.
Q: What if the other person’s insurance company contacts me for a recorded statement?
We always recommend that you do not give a recorded statement to the other person’s insurance company without having the advice of an attorney. Please understand – and this is very important - there is no requirement under the law that you give the other insurance company a recorded statement. The insurance company is looking for ways to trip you up, confuse you and otherwise protect its own interests. It is worried about itself, not you.
Be careful if you do speak with them, though. We are all familiar with the now common recording when we call a business that says “This call may be recorded for quality control” or something similar. Thus, this means you are being recorded even if it’s not a formal recorded statement! So avoid any problems and do not give a statement until you have spoken with an attorney to advise you on your rights.
Our personal injury attorneys are available to discuss any accident, injury or death claim with you before you speak with the other person’s insurance company. Feel free to call us or fill out our Web Form for a free consultation.
Q: Will my medical bills be paid for?
A: In general, if your injuries were caused by the negligence of someone else, that person is responsible for the reasonable and necessary medical bills you incur due to your injuries. You may also be entitled to be compensated for medical care that you may receive in the future. Of course, each case is different. So, if you have any questions about the medical bills you have incurred in a case, please contact our personal injury attorneys to discuss your case at no charge bu calling us or filling out our Web form.
Other Questions
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Finally, if there are questions that we have not covered here or elsewhere on our site, please feel free to call us or contact us by filling out our Web Form. One of our attorneys will respond to you questions as soon as possible.