Orlando Area Theme Park Injuries

Friday, April 15, 2011
Theme parks are often considered the epitome of family fun.  Entire vacations are planned around them, which parks to attend and attractions to ride are mapped out well in advance of the trip. The Central Florida area is known for its many theme parks, with Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios all conveniently located near one another in Orlando, while Busch Gardens just a short trip away in Tampa.

Unfortunately, an injury sustained in an Orlando area theme park can ruin the fun.  With thousands of people in a theme park at any given time, even walking can be hazardous. Spilled liquids or food on the ground can be slippery and dangerous. Sidewalks end or start creating an unexpected change in elevation or levels. There may be decorative stones or carvings in the walking area or crowd control poles. Some of the waiting areas for rides are dimly lit making it difficult to see any hazards. As said before, the presence of thousands of people can hide these hazards from your view and make it difficult for you to see them and thus avoid them.

If you or a family member, a loved one or friend should be injured at a theme park, it will be crucial to take as many pictures of the area and hazard as you can. Theme park injuries are unique from other accidents for one reason. Most people will have cameras and camcorders with them at the time of the injury to clearly photograph the cause of the fall. It is usually the last thing you think of doing, but it is important. You will not be able to reconstruct the hazard after and the theme park will not cooperate in helping to preserve the evidence or reconstructing it at a later time.

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