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Why Should My Insurance Company Pay My Medical Bills in a Car Accident?

One of the most asked questions when I am meeting with a new client who has been injured in an Orlando or Florida car accident is "Why should my insurance company pay for my medical bills when the accident was not my fault"? In the early 1970s, Florida decided to enact what is known as the Floria No-Fault law. In its simplest form, Florida's No-Fault law says that no matter who caused a car accident, if a person sustains personal injury in that car accident, the injured person must look to their...

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Mark A. Risi 6/6/2011 Comments(0)

Soldiers Face Uphill Battle Fighting for Brain Injury Care

Brain injuries are among the most common injuries soldiers sustain in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military says about 150,000 soldiers have received such injuries, but others say the number is over 400,000. These injuries can occur when shock waves from bombs pass through helmets and the brain, and are further compounded when soldiers are thrown against walls or vehicles by the shock waves, shaking the brain again. Symptoms caused by these injuries can range from headaches to vertigo to difficulti...

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4/25/2011 Comments(0)

Orlando Area Theme Park Injuries

Theme parks are often considered the epitome of family fun. Entire vacations are planned around them, which parks to attend and attractions to ride are mapped out well in advance of the trip. The Central Florida area is known for its many theme parks, with Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios all conveniently located near one another in Orlando, while Busch Gardens just a short trip away in Tampa. Unfortunately, an injury sustained in an Orlando area theme park can ruin the fun. With th...

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4/15/2011 Comments(0)

Driving Tired Can Lead to Increased Risk of Automobile Accidents

Driving while tired not only puts you at risk, but also puts others at risk as well. A study by AAA spanning 1999-2008 showed that nearly 17 percent of fatal crashes are a result of sleepy drivers, and one in eight car accidents in which someone went to the hospital was caused by an overly tired driver. The number of accidents caused by tired drivers could be much higher: more than 41 percent of drivers have admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel at some point. Much like drugs and alcohol, ...

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4/13/2011 Comments(0)

Facebook Enters the Courtroom

There has been a lot of controversy recently over the use of Facebook for investigative purposes, but in some states, the courts have been granting access to specific Facebook pages. The investigation of individual’s Facebook pages is becoming a standard area of inquiry in the overall investigation of a personal injury and other types of cases such as divorce. This is especially true by insurance companies and defense attorneys as they push the limits to find information to help defend per...

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2/23/2011 Comments(0)