Orlando Visitor and Tourist Injuries

Unfortunately, many visitors to our wonderful city have vacations or business trips cut short or ruined by being injured due to someone else's carelessness or negligence. These injures can be caused by many different ways. Here are a few of the more common causes of Visitor and Tourist injuries in Orlando:
   1.   Slip and Fall injuries in a bar, restaurant, hotel or theme park
   2.   Car Accidents
   3.   Bus Accidents
   4.   Theme Park Transportation Accidents
   5.   Public Transportation Accidents
   6.   Accidents and Injuries on Theme Park Rides
   4.   Criminal Assault and Battery
   5.   Severe Food Poisoning
   6.   Hotel Injuries
Being injured while on vacation in Orlando may not only ruin a vacation that was planned and saved for over the course of many years. The negligence of another can cause a family to have to undergo extensive medical treatment, endure permanent injuries and incur substantial medical bills.
If you, a loved one or friend has been injured while on vacation in Orlando, call us or fill out our Web Form for a free consultation at no obligation. We have represented many clients who live in other parts of the country but were injured in Orlando. We all hope that your visit to Orlando will bring a lifetime of wonderful memories. But if your Orlando vacation only resulted nightmares of pain, suffering and medical bills, contact us.